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Editor and Proofreader
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Short stories by Les Bill Gates

Threw Lake and Other Short Stories is
now available on

Now Free
'Threw Lake and Other Short Stories' by
Les Bill Gates, you will love his epic
Fantasy trilogy

'Windows on Our World'.
Read a chapter from 'Hope' here

Read a chapter from 'Faith' here

Read articles by Les Bill Gates.

Learn more about his freelance services:
For the blind and visually
You can now listen to the
Threw Lake anthology online

You can also listen to the title
story 'Threw Lake' on the


Youtube channel here

'Hope' has been completely revised and   
is now published conventionally by
Penrose Publishing

Les Bill Gates' latest Science Fiction novel,

'The Power of Gnaris',

Buy now on
Follow the following links to Les Bill's published works:
'Hope' as a paperback on

'Hope' as an ebook on Amazon Kindle

'Threw Lake and other Short Stories' as an ebook on Smashwords

'The Power of Gnaris' as an ebook on Smashwords

"This delightful fantasy world of Thorland is complete with maps and
people groups, an outstanding work by Gates; master adventurer in his
own realm, who deserves every success forthcoming with a breathtaking
journey for readers, a sequel to follow. This story is akin to Lord of the
Rings and the reviewer can see it becoming a ‘block buster’ movie in due
 - reviewer: Marie Seltenrych, Aussieoibooks

"J.K.Rowling's Harry Potter series, it is alleged, have unnatural, irrational
and abnormal fantasies; Les Bill Gates has bridled his imagination and
has kept it within the boundaries of logic, reason and decorum. "
- reviewer: Joseph Kaval, Katha Kshetre.

This book will reach a wide audience, who will enjoy it for what it is – an
intriguing, exciting, easy-to-read fantasy."
- reviewer: Bronwyn Ritchie

"Lord of the Rings meets National Treasure" - reviewer: Yolande du

"... others will be pleased by the clarity of unembellished prose." -
reviewer: C. Noël Rivera, Allbook Reviews and SpaceDragon

Read the full reviews here
'The Power of Gnaris'

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