The Luchorpans of ‘Windows on Our World’

Just as the Hobbits are central characters in JRR Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’, so are the Luchorpans central characters in ‘Windows on Our World’, the fantasy trilogy of Les Bill Gates.

So, what is a Luchorpan?

Luchorpan is just another word for Leprechaun. Other derivatives of Leprechaun are Lubrican, Lubberkin and Lurikeen. 

However, the origins of the word Leprechaun are in dispute. Some scholars of Irish mythology believe the word is derived from the Gaelic ‘Luacharma’n’, which means ‘little body’ or ‘pygmy’. Others believe the word derives from ‘Leath bhrogan’ which means ‘maker of one shoe’ – Leprechauns always make one shoe at a time, never a pair.

Either explanation may be feasible, since Leprechauns are said to be only two to three feet tall and have the reputation of being cobblers.

The Luchorpans of ‘Windows on Our World’ are based on Leprechauns, but there are some differences. For one thing, there are female Luchorpans such as Vylin Shoemaker, one of the main characters, and Kaitlyn Fortkeeper, commander of the Guards of Luchor. There isn’t, however, any mention of female Leprechauns in traditional Irish legend.

The Luchorpans of ‘Windows on Our World’ live in a mythical country called Luchor (to the west of the Air Mountains), with a small enclave also living in the town of Rivermeet in West Thorland (to the east of the Air Mountains).

The other main Luchorpan characters are Perkin Goldmaster, Alvin Shoemaker, Sawkin Goldmaster and High Lord Trevin. Perkin is a banker who possesses the Seeround Glass – a magic glass that can see around corners.

The Hobbits of ‘Lord of the Rings’ are not the only little people to appear as unlikely heroes in literature. Luchorpans are the heroes in the epic fantasy trilogy by Les Bill Gates – ‘Windows on Our World.

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