Luchorpans and Cluricauns

Another variant of Leprechauns are Cluricauns. Cluricauns are close cousins of Leprechauns and look very similar, but have pink-tipped noses. They don’t wear aprons, but instead wear long blue stockings up to their calves, have gold laces on their caps and have silver buckles on their shoes. They are impeccably well-groomed and well-dressed.

Cluricauns never have any money and have no desire to work, but steal what they want. They like to enter rich men’s homes, raiding their pantries and wine cellars, and draining their casks dry. To amuse themselves, they harness sheep and goats, shepherds’ dogs or even pigs and revel drunkenly, racing them over the fields and over bogs after dark and throughout the night.

In the second book of ‘Windows on Our World’, we are introduced to the Cluricauns who live in part of Luchor in a small town called Cluritown. In contrast to the Cluricauns of legend, these Cluricauns like skithing (a variation of skiing) and are pulled along by the animal on a pair of planks that resemble skis. The main Cluricaun character is Millikane, a drunk, who kidnaps one of the company.

Read about Cluricauns in the epic fantasy trilogy by Les Bill Gates – ‘Windows on Our World.

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